Friday, 26 October 2012

Excuses Create Regrets

I woke up this morning very tired. Luckily it's Friday, but the energy was definitely lacking. Maybe it was last night's aquaspinning class, maybe it was just the week being almost over. Regardless, I was in no mood to get active today.

But I still pushed myself and got to the gym at lunch. A 30 minute workout was so refreshing. I even met and spoke with a new colleague about running and creating challenges for ourselves. The physical exercise was a great energy booster. The conversation was a motivator and a reminder of how great it is to push ourselves.

I could have easily have skipped out on this workout - after all I had gone to the gym already and done an aquaspinning class this week. But, I knew I wouldn't regret getting active. I've rarely, if ever, regretted getting active. I've often regretted not getting active, though. The great feeling you get after a workout is especially rewarding when you give yourself a kick in the behind and get moving. Gotta love the endorphins!

Life is too short to put off getting fit to another time. Life is busy and moves fast, and I've decided to prioritize myself.

What excuses do you use that hold you back from doing what you know is best for you?

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