Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What's Your Story?

I was reading a post by Anthony Robbins via LinkedIn yesterday about the stories people tell themselves. He mentions, for example, someone's story might be that they can't lose weight because they are big boned. "With that as your core belief system you are not going to find a strategy... A disempowering story is one of the things that controls people and makes them stuck in their beliefs."

You can imagine how negative stories impact the choices we make on a daily basis. If you choose to believe you can't do it, you will not work towards accomplishing your goal. I think the greatest gift any parent can give their child is to give them the script that allows them to believe that they can achieve their full potential and then more. This belief will lead you to choose the right strategies that will get you there.

Changing your story is not easy - it's what you've told yourself, consciously and unconsciously, for 10, 20, 30+ years.

How do you start changing your life story?

- Identify your core beliefs; listen to the assumptions you tell yourself (I am stupid, I am too slow, etc...)
- Start slow and experiment with new ways of doing things (ex. if you think you are not intellectual enough, start reading a book you never thought you would)
- Check-in with your progress and adjust your assumptions
- Continue experimenting and pushing yourself beyond these new beliefs

It seems very easy listed as a 4 step process, but you get the gist...challenge your beliefs and prove yourself wrong. Give it time - you cannot undo a life story overnight.

Anthony Robbins ends his piece with the following thoughts and I couldn't agree more:

"Change your strategy, change your results. Change your story, change your life."

Monday, 26 November 2012

New Projects

My head is full of new ideas...and I'm working on different projects. Can't wait to reveal some of them!!!

In the meantime, I worked out for 30 minutes after work in the gym. I did 20 minutes of treadmill and some sit-ups. My speed on the treadmill was more then I've done in the past and my breathing and stamina were keeping up. Very happy!

Have a great evening everyone!

What are some of the projects that are keeping you busy at the moment? Are they in line with where you want to be going?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Television Detox: The Results

Well my television detox is completed...and I survived!!!

I actually learnt to appreciate the silence of my home when the television was turned off. In the past 5 days I was able to advance on a number of different projects, and that was probably the biggest payoff. I even made great advances on one project in particular...more to come on that very soon!!!

Having said that I have no plans to sell my TV anytime soon!

There's a Top 3 List to Watch Less TV and a Top 3 List Why You Should Watch More TV

Top 3 Reasons to Watch Less TV:

1 - You save money on are so busy doing other things you don't have time to stuff your face mindlessly while watching TV!
2 - You get to connect with people you haven't spoken to in a while...instead of connecting with your fictional TV friends
3 - You get ahead on your to-do list

Top 3 Reasons to Watch TV:

1 - TV sounds are a great background noise - much better then the sound of your own voice :-)
2 - You get ideas and inspiration for your future projects
3 - Sometimes you deserve some time off to relax without thinking about reality

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

When is the Best Time to Exercise?

Although my TV detox has offered me more time in the evening over the last few days (2 more days remaining!!), I still struggle with one question: when is my ideal time for exercising?

I use to get up early in the morning and go to the gym before work, but with my new job and the increased traffic I'm already getting up at 6am. This past spring and summer I use to go out for a run in Old Montreal at lunch time. With my new job and the gym on premises lunch workouts could be an option, but not outside (I work right by the airport. Although I would have plenty of running space on the tarmac!). Once I get home from work I lack the energy and motivation to face the dark cold outside. But, staying a little bit later after work and working out has been a good compromise so far.

I think for me right now I need to get it done either during lunch time or after work. This might change in the next few months, but this is what feels right at this point. I know myself and I would choose sleeping in the morning over working out and I would only end up disappointed in myself for not getting up to workout.

For people like me who have never been world class athletes who are use to the rigorous workout schedule, you have to listen to yourself and try to assemble the winning conditions. For me it's about maximizing my free time even if that means shorter workouts. Something is better than nothing (and that's what would happen if I only set out to workout in the morning).

Another winning condition that has worked for me is actually putting it in my calendar and acting like it is a real meeting I have with a client. I wouldn't cancel with a client at the last minute. I also minimize the risk of having someone schedule a last minute meeting because my calendar seemed free at the time.

There is no right answer. Everyone needs to figure out what works best for them at that point in their lives. Once you figure out what's best for you, you then need to figure out what motivates you to keep doing it, but that's a whole other topic!!

How can you assemble the winning conditions in your life to get the things you want to do done?

What is stopping you from assembling these winning conditions? Is it worth it?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Results from 2nd Day of Television Detox

In truth, people can generally make time for what they choose to do; it is not really the time but the will that is lacking. Sir John Lubbock

So yesterday I started my television detox...and so far so good....

I do have to admit I was anticipating how the evening would go yesterday, and in the end I was very happy with myself. I wondered what am I going to do with myself? Am I going to be able to just be...just be with me?

With the television off I was able to do a number of things including a home workout that included a number of lunges, squats and a few repititions of the "chair" (ie. leaning up against a wall and sitting in an imaginary chair - try it you'll see how imaginary exercise can be a challenge).

I also had time to read a book I had started months ago and work a bit on my blog and other projects. I'm happy that I was able to get all that done. I have so many projects in my head and just putting them off for another day in order to do something else will not accomplish anything.

Next update coming soon!

Where do you choose to spend your time? Does it truly make you happy?

Monday, 19 November 2012

Lots of Television, But What About the Workout?

Sometimes the only running I seem to be able to do is running after time...and it's a race I don't always win!

How often have I told myself that I didn't have time to get a workout in my schedule?
Often. But, how many times has this actually been true? Not as often.

My big time wasting culprit is that big black box in my living room. For many years I lived alone and my tv became my constant companion. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've sometimes caught myself turning on the tv before I even had a chance to take off my coat.

Contrary to me Carl Savard, a friend, used his television as a mechanism to find time to exercise during his weight loss journey. He would get his cardio exercise done while watching different television shows, including the Biggest Loser. 10 months and 100 pounds later his life was forever changed. Despite the demands of being a working dad of 2 young kids, he found the time to do it. Instead of sitting on his couch watching tv, he used tv as an exercise tool.

I came to the shocking realization that I can be watching tv up to 34 hours in any given week. This is not something I'm proud of. I could be doing so many different things I never seem to have time to do during that time. But instead I'm being static and not working towards realizing my goals.

And so I've decided that I'm going to try a little experiment...5 days without turning on the television...Yesterday, I wasn't sure when I was going to workout this week. Well that isn't a problem anymore!

I'm anticipating the empty house and how just being with myself will go, but I'm also looking forward to getting the important things on my to-do list done.

What is your time waster?

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mind Over Body...The Mind is a Muscle Too

Today was one of those hard days at work, and so when it came to going to my aqua spinning class tonight my motivation level was not very high.

Usually, I can work myself pretty hard in my aqua spinning class and get a good workout. For those who are wondering what exactly is aqua spinning or aqua cycling, it’s essentially a spinning class in a pool. The bikes are in the shallow end of a pool and we do a series of different exercises. Water serves as our resistance. It’s actually very cool and a full workout.

I’ve been going for a few weeks now and I know how hard I can push myself. Tonight, though, within 3 minutes my legs were already sore. In the exercise where we count how many turns we can do I was under what I can usually accomplish.

My mind and body were tired tonight and it showed.

It’s a reminder how the mind is a muscle we need to exercise and keep healthy. There will be tough days and during those days it will be harder to obtain the physical level you are use to. That’s ok. It’s one day and it’s behind me now. I just need to remember that one is just as important as the other.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Running Passion

I LOVE talking about running...for the first time in my life I can really sink my teeth into a hobby. I've always been the type of person that has liked to try many things, but I never stuck to one and had it become a passion. As an adult it's been the same. But with running and getting in shape it's different.

Today, I was talking with colleagues about fitness and running, and just speaking about it me gave me a high.

I think the reason I've stuck to the fitness and running thing all this time is because I've been able to challenge myself and push myself to accomplish things I once thought impossible.

If you want to get in shape just to get in shape it's not enough...there needs to be a stronger force than that. You have to find something that lights you up and that you enjoy doing no matter the circumstance.

Like today...after working on a presentation for a few hours I lost my file...needless to say I was very frustrated, but instead of going home and stressing about my presentation I went to the gym for a quick workout. Now my lost presentation doesn't seem like so much of a big deal anymore - I'll just start again tomorrow morning.

If time and money was no object what would you do?

Now, how do you do a little more of that everyday?

(my refreshing workout today: 15 minutes on the elliptical machine, a series of leg exercises including lunges and squats)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Kicking Mother Nature's %ss!!

There is no better feeling when you step outside in the rain and cold for a workout!

Sounds odd but it's true. It's true because it would be easy to stay inside in the warmth of your house and use the bad weather as an excuse. But, what if you decided to dress warmly and step outside to face the bad weather and workout? I guarantee you that you'll feel triumphant. Not only will you have gotten in some exercise into your day, but you will have done it while 8 out of 10 will have opted for comfort. When you push yourself there is no better feeling.

An added bonus, when you cross the other 2 crazy people that decided to step outside also in this weather you'll feel the sense of upmost respect and admiration from them. You'll telepathically tell each other, "Yeah, way to go!!! You decided to kick Mother Nature's butt too this morning!!"

This is what my boyfriend and I did this morning. -4C and raining and we each went out for our respective runs. It was a great 5km!!

1 point for the crazy runner outside, 0 Mother Nature!!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Doing More of the Scary Stuff!!

After writing this blog for a few weeks now and becoming more and more comfortable about sharing it with the people around me I’ve come to a cool realization:The more you do something that scares you the less scary it becomes. The first step is the hardest.

It’s cliché I know, but it’s true. I hesitated for a long time before I started writing the blog. I wasn’t sure what purpose it would serve, would it be any good, what exactly I wanted to accomplish with it, and would it even interest people? The answers to these questions are still not clear, but I decided to not let that stop me from doing something I always wanted to do.

If I waited to get the answers to these questions before writing my first blog post I never would have gotten started. We are never 100% ready to start something that scares us, but if we don’t start at some point we never will.

It’s like the Montreal-New York City Challenge, if I waited to get more in shape or run at a sprinter’s speed I never would have embarked on this journey. The same can be applicable to all fears. If you fear exercise and you wait to get in shape you’ll never start. If you want to lose weight, but fear the stress it’ll put on your life you’ll just end up eating more.

Everything is a choice – especially when it comes to facing our fears. The key is to decide to focus on the positive impacts of facing our fears rather than the potential pitfalls. And honestly, life is much more fun when you focus on the positive impacts.

I feared the judgment of writing this blog (and let’s not kid ourselves I still fear it), but if I never chanced it I would never know the joy of knowing that even one person is reading me!

I dare you to do something that scares you today! Don’t think about it, just do it! Step out of your box. How does it feel?

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Meeting the Team for the Challenge

A team comprises a group linked in a common purpose. Teams are especially appropriate for conducting tasks that are high in complexity and have many interdependent subtasks.

Last night I met with my fellow Montreal-New York City Challenge team members. These are the folks with whom I’ll be raising funds for charity, training with every week starting in February, and most importantly spending 3 days with in a motorized vehicle as we run, non-stop day and night, from Montreal to New York City in May.

I was looking forward to meeting them and you could feel the anticipation was the same for everyone else also in the room. Contrary to the rest of the team I’m doing this challenge with one of my good friends. Having someone who knows me and to whom I can turn to is comforting, but I don’t want to limit this experience to one person. I hope that everyone in my team will be able to teach me something about myself and push me further along in my journey.

Last night we were all feeling the same things. We have lots of questions about the logistics of the challenge, what will be the impact in all of our lives and will we succeed? It will be interesting to see how everyone will evolve ad how the team dynamics will develop. Who will become the leader, the cheerleader, the rock in difficult times, the underdog…I am curious to see what role will be mine.

Last night was brief, but I look forward to getting to know everyone.

What role do you naturally occupy within a team?

How can you push yourself into a different role that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

You Can Too...

Watch this video and DARE to even tell me you can't do what you put your mind to...

There are no words...

Whenever you have doubt, fear, uncertainty think back about the tremendous demonstrate of love and the strength of the human spirit.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Anticipation...Meeting my Team for the Montreal-New York City Challenge

I got the email last week confirming that I will be meeting my team for the Montreal-NYC running challenge in the next few days.

These are the folks with whom I'll be training, sweating, raising money, and running with from Montreal to New York City during a 3 day challenge next May. Part of me is looking forward to meeting everyone (we should be 8 in total), but another part of me is definitely anxious about meeting everyone.

Will they like me? Will I like them? Am I sufficiently in shape to be doing this challenge? Will I bring the team down?

No matter what I want to be doing this challenge for me - for all the physical and mental good it will do for me. The team will be an added bonus. I hope they can challenge me to push myself further and harder then I would push myself, and I hope I will help them also along in their own journey.

Starting next Wednesday when I meet with the team and pay my enrollement fees this challenge definitely becomes real.

Bring it on!!