Monday, 29 October 2012

I am...A Powerful Lesson

I watched Oprah's Lifeclass on OWN last night with Joel Osteen and I was amazed at what a difference two simple words can make.

I am...

According to Joel Osteen "whatever follows the 'I am' will come looking for you." There is huge power to this. Think of all the times you said, "I am so tired I can't exercise." "I am not strong enough, good enough, athletic enough..."

It's all a question of attitude. What if you started saying "I am looking forward to the boost in energy exercise will bring me." "I am getting stronger, faster." Isn't it so much more interesting to live this way?

Think about the 90 year old marathoner or the handicap tri-athlete...what is their "I am"? Surely they are not telling themselves "I am too old to be running" or "I am not strong enough to be a tri-athlete." They are saying "I am full of energy. I am capable of running one more step." No one who ever accomplished something great has fundamentally believed and lived by their negative I ams. They truly believed they would be successful and capable of accomplishing what they set out to do.

Your attitude drives where you are going to put your energy and focus. Focusing on the cannot, will not and must not, will not push you to set out to accomplish your goals. They will hold you back. Your I am will set the course of your life - your I am will allow you to focus and work towards what you truly are.

I have my own negative I ams, my little gremlins, that have driven many decisions and actions in my life. I'm now more aware of the impact these can have on the course of my life. I will be careful and conscience of these.

I am getting stronger everyday. I am going to grow tremendously throughout this process of getting ready for my Montreal-NYC challenge. I am going to do my best and be successful. I am going to make a difference.

- What are your I ams?
- Are your I ams driving you towards your goals or away from them?
- How can you change your perspective?

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