Sunday, 21 October 2012

Let the Journey Begin...

Where to begin? Who do I think I am writing a blog about the journey I'm about to take part of over the next few months? Is anyone going to read this? Will anyone care?

These are just a few of the questions, fears and doubts that are going through my mind as I sit here in front of my computer trying to put together this first blog post.

The situation: Over the next few months I will be taking part in a team challenge that will consist of training for a run that will take us from Montreal to New York City. The purpose is to raise money for charity, but I know very well it will be much more beyond that. Running more then 700km over 2-3 days will most certainly challenge me physically, but I'm hoping for so much more.

The background: I don't, and never have, describe myself as an athlete or even a runner. I'll be the one you'll find on the sidelines encouraging others, but actually being out there on the field competing against others? Nah, I don't think so! I'm not an athlete, I'm not good enough to compete, I'll bring them all down with my poor abilities. These are all things that cross my mind when I think about participating in a sport.

However, over the last few months I have taken up running and it's led me to do things I never thought I could. I trained for months and ran my first 10km race in May 2012 in Ottawa. Over the next few months I continued to train and ran another few 10km races. Last September 23, 2012  I ran the Montreal half marathon. Yup a 21.1km race!!! It was most certainly the most difficult physical and mental challenge I've set for myself, but I did it.

I went from someone who grew up hating gym class, avoided team sports, and couldn't run for more than 10 minutes at a time to completing a half marathon! 2 hours and 39 minutes of joy, pain, doubt, excitation, more doubt and finally the statisfaction of finally accomplishing a goal I had set for myself.

Now my next challenge will be the Montreal-NY challenge (

I want to use this blog as a journal through this journey. We rarely have the opportunity to live such a challenge and I want to live it 100% through all the ups and downs, across all the emotions.

My promise: to be me, be authentic, share my thoughts and experiences, and be open to whatever this journey may teach me.

I hope you will join me on this journey!!!

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