Sunday, 4 November 2012

Anticipation...Meeting my Team for the Montreal-New York City Challenge

I got the email last week confirming that I will be meeting my team for the Montreal-NYC running challenge in the next few days.

These are the folks with whom I'll be training, sweating, raising money, and running with from Montreal to New York City during a 3 day challenge next May. Part of me is looking forward to meeting everyone (we should be 8 in total), but another part of me is definitely anxious about meeting everyone.

Will they like me? Will I like them? Am I sufficiently in shape to be doing this challenge? Will I bring the team down?

No matter what I want to be doing this challenge for me - for all the physical and mental good it will do for me. The team will be an added bonus. I hope they can challenge me to push myself further and harder then I would push myself, and I hope I will help them also along in their own journey.

Starting next Wednesday when I meet with the team and pay my enrollement fees this challenge definitely becomes real.

Bring it on!!

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