Wednesday, 21 November 2012

When is the Best Time to Exercise?

Although my TV detox has offered me more time in the evening over the last few days (2 more days remaining!!), I still struggle with one question: when is my ideal time for exercising?

I use to get up early in the morning and go to the gym before work, but with my new job and the increased traffic I'm already getting up at 6am. This past spring and summer I use to go out for a run in Old Montreal at lunch time. With my new job and the gym on premises lunch workouts could be an option, but not outside (I work right by the airport. Although I would have plenty of running space on the tarmac!). Once I get home from work I lack the energy and motivation to face the dark cold outside. But, staying a little bit later after work and working out has been a good compromise so far.

I think for me right now I need to get it done either during lunch time or after work. This might change in the next few months, but this is what feels right at this point. I know myself and I would choose sleeping in the morning over working out and I would only end up disappointed in myself for not getting up to workout.

For people like me who have never been world class athletes who are use to the rigorous workout schedule, you have to listen to yourself and try to assemble the winning conditions. For me it's about maximizing my free time even if that means shorter workouts. Something is better than nothing (and that's what would happen if I only set out to workout in the morning).

Another winning condition that has worked for me is actually putting it in my calendar and acting like it is a real meeting I have with a client. I wouldn't cancel with a client at the last minute. I also minimize the risk of having someone schedule a last minute meeting because my calendar seemed free at the time.

There is no right answer. Everyone needs to figure out what works best for them at that point in their lives. Once you figure out what's best for you, you then need to figure out what motivates you to keep doing it, but that's a whole other topic!!

How can you assemble the winning conditions in your life to get the things you want to do done?

What is stopping you from assembling these winning conditions? Is it worth it?


  1. I struggle with this because I don't like to exercise, so it's always a challenge just to get started...

  2. It's a tough one in today's world. But I think the first key to success is to really want to (like anything else), and then to find what works for you. :-)