Saturday, 24 November 2012

Television Detox: The Results

Well my television detox is completed...and I survived!!!

I actually learnt to appreciate the silence of my home when the television was turned off. In the past 5 days I was able to advance on a number of different projects, and that was probably the biggest payoff. I even made great advances on one project in particular...more to come on that very soon!!!

Having said that I have no plans to sell my TV anytime soon!

There's a Top 3 List to Watch Less TV and a Top 3 List Why You Should Watch More TV

Top 3 Reasons to Watch Less TV:

1 - You save money on are so busy doing other things you don't have time to stuff your face mindlessly while watching TV!
2 - You get to connect with people you haven't spoken to in a while...instead of connecting with your fictional TV friends
3 - You get ahead on your to-do list

Top 3 Reasons to Watch TV:

1 - TV sounds are a great background noise - much better then the sound of your own voice :-)
2 - You get ideas and inspiration for your future projects
3 - Sometimes you deserve some time off to relax without thinking about reality

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