Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What's Your Story?

I was reading a post by Anthony Robbins via LinkedIn yesterday about the stories people tell themselves. He mentions, for example, someone's story might be that they can't lose weight because they are big boned. "With that as your core belief system you are not going to find a strategy... A disempowering story is one of the things that controls people and makes them stuck in their beliefs."

You can imagine how negative stories impact the choices we make on a daily basis. If you choose to believe you can't do it, you will not work towards accomplishing your goal. I think the greatest gift any parent can give their child is to give them the script that allows them to believe that they can achieve their full potential and then more. This belief will lead you to choose the right strategies that will get you there.

Changing your story is not easy - it's what you've told yourself, consciously and unconsciously, for 10, 20, 30+ years.

How do you start changing your life story?

- Identify your core beliefs; listen to the assumptions you tell yourself (I am stupid, I am too slow, etc...)
- Start slow and experiment with new ways of doing things (ex. if you think you are not intellectual enough, start reading a book you never thought you would)
- Check-in with your progress and adjust your assumptions
- Continue experimenting and pushing yourself beyond these new beliefs

It seems very easy listed as a 4 step process, but you get the gist...challenge your beliefs and prove yourself wrong. Give it time - you cannot undo a life story overnight.

Anthony Robbins ends his piece with the following thoughts and I couldn't agree more:

"Change your strategy, change your results. Change your story, change your life."

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