Sunday, 11 November 2012

Kicking Mother Nature's %ss!!

There is no better feeling when you step outside in the rain and cold for a workout!

Sounds odd but it's true. It's true because it would be easy to stay inside in the warmth of your house and use the bad weather as an excuse. But, what if you decided to dress warmly and step outside to face the bad weather and workout? I guarantee you that you'll feel triumphant. Not only will you have gotten in some exercise into your day, but you will have done it while 8 out of 10 will have opted for comfort. When you push yourself there is no better feeling.

An added bonus, when you cross the other 2 crazy people that decided to step outside also in this weather you'll feel the sense of upmost respect and admiration from them. You'll telepathically tell each other, "Yeah, way to go!!! You decided to kick Mother Nature's butt too this morning!!"

This is what my boyfriend and I did this morning. -4C and raining and we each went out for our respective runs. It was a great 5km!!

1 point for the crazy runner outside, 0 Mother Nature!!

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